Potential buyers and new residents often have questions about the estate, particularly with regard to the fact that it is an unadopted roadway. Here is a bit of information to help understand the situation. 

West Beach is an unadopted roadway. What does this mean? 

The roads are owned by Landstone Ltd. The council are not responsible for the maintenance of these roads.

Residents have no responsibility for the roads. There are no works and no costs levied against the residents.

Street lighting, Sewers, Gas, Electric, Rubbish Collection and Water supply is in the public domain.

What are the arrangements for the maintenance and repair of the roadway?

Unfortunately Landstone ltd refuse to maintain the roads.
The position is an impasse we have right of way but no liability for the road
Landstone ltd state it is freeholders responsibility, WSCC say it is the owner of the road that has liability.

The roads on West Beach are not through roads, we are a cul-de-sac, so traffic is limited to residents and visitors etc .

What do the Residents Association do?

We as a Residents association via Residents membership fees ensure the roads are weed free and swept annually, this does not attract liability for road maintenance .

We are not a management company, we are an RA with a voluntary joining fee of £12 per Annum per household.  We organise events and activities for residents as well as road sweeping and weedkilling when budget allows, and help where we can.

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